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TufGuard Bill Acceptor Face Mask protects the plastic bill acceptor face plate from prying attacks, our mask is made of solid steel and powder coated for durability. Fits, MEI, Conlux and Coinco, all mounting hardware included.

Bill Acceptor Face Masks



TufGuard HVV Armored Front was designed to replace the plastic front of the Pepsi style Dixie Narco vending machines with our solid steel one piece front.

Vending Machine Front

 Protected by a U.S. Patent

 Solid steel one piece construction

 Replaces 3-piece plastic front

 Comes completely silk screened

 Powered coated in "Pepsi" gray

 Replaceable display window


TufGuard Bill Acceptor Stacker Cover was designed to protect the vending machine from "Pry & Snatch" attacks. These attacks occur when the vending machine side is pried open enough to snatch the bill from the bill acceptor Our stacker cover, made of steel, goes over and protects the plastic bill stacker.

Bill Acceptor Stacker Cover

 All Steel Construction

 Prevents "Pry & Snatch"attacks

 Easy installation

 Fits most bill acceptors

 Factory direct pricing