Tech Tips from Vendors Repair Service

On this page you will find our "VRS Service Tips". They are all down-loadable and viewable as a PDF file. We are going to try and mix tech tips on both old and new equipment. We thank you for your interest in Vendors Repair Service. Let us know if you want to see a tech tip on a particular item.

BA/MAG Switch Settings

American Changer Series 2000 Error Codes

American Changer Series 1000 Switch Settings

CF7512 Cassette Options

Refrigeration Deck Rebuilding

MEI-7512 LED Codes

How to Tune a TRC-6512 coin mech.

Option Switches for the TRC-6800 coin mech.

How to tune a TRC-6800 Mars coin mech.

How to tune a TRC-6000-6010 MEI coin mech.