Bill Acceptor, Coin Changer, PCB Repairs

Vending PCB Repairs

Vending Board Repairs Component level board repair

 Custom Designed PCB test equipment

 Quick turn-around time

  EPROM updates

 Surface mount capable

We repair the following PCB Boards: Automatic Products--- National Vendors--- GPL--- Rowe---Ardac---Vendo

Dixie Narco--- Royal Vendors--- Fawn--- RockOla--- RMI--- PolyVend---LectroVend---Lutech---USI--- VendTronics

AMS --- FastCorp -- American-Changer


AUtoMatic Products

4000/5000 Series

CS Series Boards

6000/7000 Series

110/113 Series

LCM Series

120/123 Series Boards

320 FRD Series Boards

Power Control Center

Studio Series Boards

220 Series Coffee Driver Board


Crane Merchandising

145/146 Series Boards

315/318 Series Boards

620/623 Series Boards

147/148/476 Series Boards

430/431/432 Series Boards

633/653/673 Series Boards

15X/16X Series

18X/98X Series

Cafe' 3/4/7 Series Boards

All Machine and door boards

All coin interface boards



Rowe Vendong MAchines

448/448E Boards

548/648 Boards

548/648 Message Center

4900 Control Boards

5900/6900 Control Boards

7700/7800 Snack Boards



Rowe Dollar Bill Changers

BC 11/20 Control Boards

BC 1200/1400 Control Boards

BC 25 Control Boards

BC12/35 Control Boards

Stacker Boards

All BC Power Supplies

Century Series

SBC Series

OBA Acceptors & Boxes


Dixie Narco

SII Control Boxes

SIID Control Boxes

S3D Control Boxes

MPC Series

HVV HT2 Machine Controller

HVV HT2 / KO Universal Boards

SBC Universal Board (SIID/HVV/P-Series)

P-Series Boards

Bev-Max 1-4 Boards

DN700 Snack

GFV DN5000 Series




All C-Series Changer Boards



Vendo Vending Machines

5.X / 6.X Main Boards

9.X Boards

10.X Series

12.X Series

284 Control Boards

M &M MCB500/MCB551

VSR 411

Millennium Confectionary



Royal Vendors

G2 Main Board

G3 Main Boards

Merlin2 Control Boards (ver5)

Merlin 3 Control Boards

Merlin 4 Control Boards

G3 KO Boards

20 Plus Boards



USI Vending Machines

Snackmart 2/3/4/6 Control Boards

3000 Series Snack (looks like LCM Board)

CB700 (looks like Merlin 4)

CD16 Boards




285 Main Board (7-switch)



GPL Vending Machines

427/429/436 Food King/Deli-Shop

170/171/172/173 Glass Front



203/213 Coffee Boards



H22 Control Boards

R32 Control Boards

PV9000 Food King Boards

4000/5000/6000 1-Button Boards

4000/5000/6000 4-Button Boards

L35 Snack Boards

PV6000 Series Boards




VS99 Series




4900 Retrofit Board

AP 4K/5K/6K/7K Retrofit Boards



VC1100 Boards



Sensit 1/2/3





American Changer

All Bill Changer PCB's