Update & Upgrade Kits

Vendors Repair Service can supply many different upgrade kits and update kits for many different types of vending machines.

Dollar Bill Changer Conversion Kits: These kits will upgrade your Rowe BC 11/12/20/25 dollar bill changers to accept the new $20 bill. The Rowe transport is replaced with a MEI bill acceptor. We have kits that can be purchased with the bill acceptor included.

Pricing Kits: Our pricing kits will replace your 4-price, 10-price and multi-price coin changers with an "MDB" style coin changer. The kits will also give your vending machine dollar bill acceptance capability.

Imonex Coin Acceptors: These are replacement coin acceptors for a variety of coin accept applications. They can replace the old Coinco acceptor used in the S-75 series. They can also be used in amusements and arcade games. The Imonex coin acceptors operate with no moving cradles, slides or rockers, so they are virtually jam free.