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Extreme Duty Foaming Cleaner: A powerful fast-acting foam cleaner that cuts grease, dirt and grime from all hard surfaces. Foam clings to vertical surfaces to allow for quick spot cleaning. Deodorizes as it cleans while leaving a fresh citrus fragrance.

Vendors View: A light foaming cleaner which can be used on many surfaces. Can be used on glass, mirrors, Formica, marble, acrylics, and plastic transparencies. Cuts grease, dirt ,grime to leave glass and plastics clean and haze-free. The concentrated formula wipes off easily and leaves a sparkling shine.




Bill Acceptor Cleaning CardsCleaning Cards: VRS dollar bill acceptor cleaning cards are presoaked with a proprietary cleaning solution formulated specially for dollar bill acceptors. Extend the life of your bill acceptor, reduce service calls, decrease lost revenue. Won't leave belts soft and pliable (alcohol based solutions will do this), won't fog the optic lens.

Each card is individually packed, there are 25 cards per box.

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MSDS for Vendors View

MSDS for Extreme Duty